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Henning Saint Technology ---------the Intelligent Manufacturer of Chili Color Sorter

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Chili is an annual or limited perennial herb. It is unripe in green while it is ripe in red, orange or purple. The spicy taste of chili stimulates the appetite. Although chili is spicy, it has the highest vitamin C content among vegetables.

It is understood that chili has the effect of dispelling cold and dampness, which can accelerate the blood circulation of the human body and promote metabolism. In Sichuan, Hunan, Chongqing, Guizhou and other provinces of China, because it is wet and rainy all year round while the sunshine is short, the local people eat chilies to get rid of the moisture in their bodies.

If there are mildew, flower skin, black spots, lesions and other problems in the chilies we eat, it will directly affect the taste of the chili while there may be food safety problems. The chili color sorter from Henning Saint is a great way to get good and healthy chilies.

The crawler-type chili color sorter from Henning Saint adopts new AI intelligent algorithm and super clear imaging system, which can achieve color sorting and shape sorting at the same time through the real-time image control system software. The equipment can sort out the impurities accurately at one time according to requirements.

The crawler-type chili color sorter from Henning Saint is a multi-sorting equipment which can be used for different kind of chili sorting. The equipment has the advantages of high cleaning rate, small out ratio, low product damage rate,  which can help enterprises expand production scale, improve production efficiency, improve product quality and reduce labor costs through its advanced sorting method.


Chilli sorting is the most important step in chili processing. Chili color sorter produced by Anhui Henning Saint Technology Co., Ltd. (AHST) can sort out the impurities which can help customers buy chilies in good quality and protect people's health


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