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Instruction to Henning Sanit Rice Color Sorter Installation

Release time:2022-09-06viewed:34

Opening Box and Inspection of Color Sorter:

Box shall be opened carefully to avoid unnecessary damage to the machine parts while numbers of parts shall be checked for integrity in receiving the color sorter equipment.

Installation of Color Sorter: 

The color sorter should be installed and leveled on a solid platform or ground with railings.

There should be a access to the equipment for operation, inspection and maintenance. According to the site situation, the upper feeding hopper shall match the feeding pipe which shall have flow regulating board and storage box. The feeding pipe shall not pressed on the feeding hopper, otherwise the handling capacity will be affected. Iron pipes shall not be replaced with plastic pipe or other non-metallic pipe and shall have a good grounding device.

Taking Henning Sanit rice color sorter for example, the following instruction shall be noticed in installation:

1. No ground vibration around installation place;

2. Installation shall only be completed after the last polishing or grinding;

3. The equipment should be installed on the leveled ground without embedded anchor bolts. 

4. The equipment should be installed in a separate room (air conditioning is recommended), and should not be installed in a space with low temperature, high temperature, humidity or dust.

5. To prevent site and nearby strong electromagnetic interference, the inlet and outlet pipe and exhaust pipe installed by the customer must be used.


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