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The Detailed Working Principle and Working Process of Color Sorter

Release time:2022-09-14viewed:29

Color sorter is an intelligent machine with eyes. The “eye” is the visual detection part of camera and sensor, with which to blow off the impurities through high frequency solenoid valve to achieve high quality sorting. At the same time, through the “eye” the color sorter can reject bad products, impurities or different color particles and accept the high quality products, which has been popular and brought profits to customers.

The detailed working processing of Henning Saint color sorter can be broken down as follows:

1. Connect power and turn on the computer; the color sorter starts working when touching the screen;

2. Materials ready to be sorted shall be delivered to the feeding hopper; after high-frequency vibration materials will be transported to the distribution chute.

3. When material is transported to distribution box, the front and rear cameras with two megapixels will take high frequency and comprehensive photos of each material, not even missing a dead corner;

4. The pictures taken will be compared with the qualified materials through spectral analysis. If the materials are found to be inconsistent with the qualified products and have different colors, the air valve will blow the unqualified materials out and send them into the overflow port, while the qualified materials will fall into the qualified material port along the set route.



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